Rachelle Scott, born in Port-au-Prince (Haiti), is initiated at an early age to the world of colors at Solange Gentil and the great Master Tiga, founder of school of Saint Soleil.

Since the painting never left her. At 17, she moved to Boston for Art studies at the University of Massachusetts, and over the years, won several degrees, including one with honor in Human Resources and Business Administration. She lived almost 20 years in the United States with Stéphanie her eldest daughter and enjoyed a brilliant career in management in large multinationals in charge of Latin America, this led her to visit many countries in the region.
In 1999, Florida, she remarried to Rafael, a Peruvian immigrant. In 2000, she gave birth to her second daughter, Saskia, and four years later moved to Peru with her family. She discovers this wonderful country, where finally she dedicates to her painting and commits as a volunteer in many organizations helping the needy. Despite her intensive traveling, Haiti, her homeland, remains the cradle of her Art.

Since, a painter is born, focusing on her palette, her quest, her research, which are expressed through her brush in the fresh variety of colors, shapes innocence. The intensity also can be read, in her look and the sparkles of her eyes, which receive and retransmit not a simple subject, but a particular way of seeing the world. 
Rachelle Scott participates in several international individual or group exhibitions. In 2012, she presents her work along with many artists united, from diverse expressive backgrounds in a wide unprecedented manifestation of Art, through fraternal speech: “The Traveling Souls ", in several galleries throughout Georgia, USA. In the same year, invited, she participated in Buenos Aires, Argentina to the great International Art Fair: “Expo Artistas”, where since the promoters of this cultural event renew their invitation to each new edition.

In few words, Rachelle, is primarily lights and comforts for those seeking, but in contrast, what transpired in the works, is primarily a balance of soul passions subdued, gaiety, and a certain "mélancolie"; found deep within, a simple feast for the eyes, but above all, a vibrant dimension which is the subtle and an indisociable part of her works.

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