Hogar Caritas Felices

In 1999, Mother Rita Zizold was named head of distribution "Human Promotion" by the Bishops of Lima, office responsible for promoting human dignity. Each day were cases of raped girls who didn't want help from lawyers or social workers.

One day a girl came just two and a half years old, with blood stains on her sandals because her godfather raped her. Mother Rita thought she had to do something for these kids who didn’t have access to any help. In a meeting with her hierarchy members, she asked for permission to build a home. Some of them opposed the idea due to insufficient funding.
Mother Rita than put a bible on the table and asked a member of the meeting to open the Bible to any page. The chosen one opened the Bible and starts reading: "Let the little children come to me, … for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." The text was considered a sign of Divine Providence.

So in 1999, with the help of the President of the Peruvian Institute of Sport who granted for free the national stadium, Mother Rita was able to organize an event to alert people about this terrible reality. A Japanese donor gave the house now that shelters 51 girls aged from 3 to 18 years old. Mother Rita made there some repairs with donated funds from a priest and it thus was born 18 years ago in Pachacamac , the Home “Caritas Felices".
In this home, Mother Rita receives these girls to get them out from the place where they have been violently victimized and to teach them how to live differently. Upon their arrival, these girls were sore, desperate and fearful, but after a while they don't want to leave it. Workshops are organized such as sewing, crafts and psychological supports. The idea is that all get to have a professional career.

In this sense, that includes the search for "godmothers" or sponsors who‘ll assume the responsibility to follow the studies of the girls and fund the University for them once they are older. What is lacking at Home “Caritas Felices" are the foodstuffs. The girls come from extreme poverty. At home they ate only once a week; every other day their mothers would recover all the discards of the marketplace and boiled them into a disgusting soup.
At Home “Caritas Felices", a 25kg bag of rice lasts only 4 days, and during the school year to put cookies in their lunchbox to raise the girls' self-esteem is a problem.

Home “Caritas Felices" is the only center in the country that deals with the rape of underage girls. Arrives daily girls raped by their parents, godparents, grandparents, uncles, cousins, neighbors and brothers. In the majority of cases the parents support the violation. Norma has been kicked and raped since age two. Yahaira at 4 years came to the center disoriented, today is 13 and smiles. Gisella, 15, was raped by her godfather and her brother. When they reach the center and realize they can eat every day the girls' faces light up with a "smile." 

Give these girls a smile, call: 
231 1573 or 999216122.

Or come to: 
Fundo Buena Vista, Parcela 10132
Sub lot A 
Lurin, Rinconada Baja 
Panamericana Sur km 33 Alt. 

Text and Pictures: LUISA ALFANI
"The Peruvian district of Pachacamac is one of the 43 districts of Lima Province, located in Lima. Bounded on the north by the Cieneguilla District, east by the Province of Huarochiri, south of the District of Lurin and the west by the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo and the District of La Molina."